Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mandaean Bibliography

Here is a short bibliography for those interested in delving deeper into the subject of Mandaeans.

Primary Sources:
Drower, E. S., Mandaean Book of Black Magick. 1990.

Drower, E.S., The Canonical Prayerbook of the Mandaeans. 1959.

Lidzbarski, Mark, Mandaean prayers and hymns. 2002.

Secondary Sources:
Buckley, Jorunn Jacobsen, The Great Stem of Souls. 2006.

Buckley, Jorunn Jacobsen, The Mandaeans: Ancient Texts and Modern People. 2002.

Drower, E. S. and Jorunn Jacobsen Buckley, The Mandaeans of Iraq and Iran: Their Cults, Customs, Magic Legends, and Folklore. 2002.

Gunduz, Sinasi, The Knowledge of Life: The Origins and Early History of the Mandaeans and their Relations to the Sabians of the Qur'an and to the Harranians. 1994.

Lupieri, Edmundo, The Mandaeans: The Last Gnostics. 2001.

Noldeke, Theodor, Mandaean Grammar / Mand?ische Grammatik (Ancient Language Resources). 2005.

Ryen, Jon, The Tree in the Lightworld: A Study in the Mandaean Vine Motif. 2006.

Yamauchi, Edwin M., Gnostic Ethics And Mandaean Origins. 2004.

These are all relatively newer writings that should be easier to obtain copies of. Scholars such as E.S. Drower and Edwin Yamauchi have a good body of work on the subject but are older materials that may prove difficult for some to obtain.

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