Saturday, December 20, 2008


A few videos show up when you search 'Mandaean' my current results are producing a large amount of videos entitled Mandaean Brakha - Prayer or some variation of that. Here are a few links I like more than others.

Mandaean baptism - A rare chance to see a baptism for most people. Accompanied by music.

Mandaean Sweden Baptism - Another baptism great to see. Unaccompanied.

Plight of the Iraqi Mandaeans - While many who come to this site are familiar with the situation in Iraq some may not be and this is a moving peace covering the topic.


Anonymous said...

For internet material on contemporary Mandaean issues, you might try an Australian google search -, clicking "pages from Australia". There's a small community there, but they've generated a good amount of news reporting and reports from NGOs given that most came to Australia as refugees from Iran and Iraq, and many were imprisoned in refugee detention centres under Australia's brutal immigration laws.

Here's two transcripts from a religion affairs radio show from 03 and 06

and a new report on mental health issues amongst Mandaeans in Sydney that notes, amongst other things,
"68% of participants reported being “quite ” or “extremely”
fearful that the Mandaean religion and culture would not exist in
the future ."

All the best with this blog, mate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that last link messed up. You candownload the PDF of the mental health report here.